Experts Wanted

Let's work together

Our team reviews each application to ensure Experts meet our high standard of quality and have 3rd party validation that they are an expert. Our platform provides for a great feedback experience of anything visual or audible. 

We are looking for proven experts at the top of their game in the following:

  1. Active and former professional Athletes, Coaches and Trainers
  2. Performers: Dancers, Comedians, and more
  3. Musicians, Singers, Producers, Vocal Coaches, Recording Artists, Song Writers
  4. Actors, Directors, Producers, Casting, Visuals
  5. Investors, Pitch Coaches, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors
  6. Interior Designers, Architects, Environmental
  7. Visual Artists, Illustrators, logo designers, UI/UX
  8. Professional Therapists, Medical & Wellness Professionals, Performance Coaches
  9. Professional animal trainers, Equestrian
  10. Police and Military trainers and specialists.
  11. Fashion Designers, Stylists, Creators, Models, Coaches, Runway Coaches
  12. Digital Advertising, Social Media Content, Headlines and Copywriting
  13. Action sports, Skateboarding, BMX, Racing
  14. And much, much more...