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Critiq enables experts to monetize their knowledge and expertise while helping others succeed.

Give feedback. Help others. Get paid.

Just one minute can mean everything for the inspired.

Create 1-2 min videos on your own time giving your expert opinion, analysis, and advice on users technique, content, or performance.

How it works


Promote your link to your audience and followers.

Set your own prices and let your audience know you are open to give feedback and provide guidance how you can be helpful.


Users make a request, add payment and add the content they need help with.

Users provide a brief description of help required and add an image, short video, audio track, or PDF for your feedback.


Use the app to record a short feedback video response and get paid.

No meetings. No extra tools. You can do everything from the iPhone or iPad app. Typical recordings last between 1-2 minutes.

Who uses Critiq?














We only make money when you make money.

“Users have access to experts they would never be able to reach in any other way...”
Our mission is to connect people who need a breakthrough with experts who know their craft so well that they can provide specific, personalized feedback and have a massive impact both quickly and efficiently.

Perform Critiqs from anywhere and anytime.

A Critiq is not a meeting. There are no 1:1's and nothing to schedule. Record responses when you have a few minutes, in between flights, at the hotel, or before work.  All the users want is your expertise, advice, and feedback on all their hard work.

4 days to complete
iPhone, iPad, Mac OS
Let’s start together.

Marketplace and Discovery coming soon!

Users can search for the problems they are trying to solve, as well as the types of experts, subject areas and specialists that match their need.

Critiq marketplace for searching and discovering experts.

In case you missed anything.

What does Critiq cost?
No upfront fee. No management fee. No hidden fees. You set your prices. You keep 75%. We take 25%. The 25% includes all processing and commerce fees, and the remainder is reinvested into building more software features and services to help you improve and grow your business.  Our experts are our partners. We don't succeed unless YOU succeed.
How do I become an Expert?
When you apply, share as much information as you can that can help verify and validate your experience and expertise in the categories and skills you are applying for. Your bio along with links to a competition you won, news articles, website, or LinkedIn profile as well as social media accounts. It's also necessary to authenticate yourself using social media so we know you are you and not someone impersonating you.
How much money can I make?
Popular experts could earn over 100k+ per year. (Example $100 profit x 20 sessions per week =$104,000) It is what you put into it and we are here to help you along the way! There is a calculator here
Any limits to what I can be an expert at?
There is no limit! And some expertise applies to several industries as well. We will attempt to verify and validate each accolade on a case-by-case basis. You need to have some proof or method to verify each category. If you did something significant, played for a team, worked for a company, wrote a book, won a championship, then there should be proof online. We reserve the right to modify your categories and tags to make things easier to find or expand your relevant audience. For example a 100m gold medalist sprinter can be listed in track, 100m, and sprinting, but can also help an athlete with their 40-yard dash combine training for football or other sports. Also, many current and former musicians, athletes, and artists go on to be great experts in business, marketing, and other categories in their industry.
Is there a referral bonus if I bring on other experts?
Yes! Actually, we are counting on it. If you bring on another expert that we approve, you make 5% from every Critiq they perform. This comes out of our portion, not theirs. We didn't need to work to recruit them so we want to thank you for your help!
We understand situations change. Simply email us at and let us know your username and email and we'll take care of it and send you a confirmation when everything is complete.

"Critiq is a win-win for both amateurs and professionals. Not everyone has access to quality coaching and training. I am able to give specific, personalized feedback, and have a massive impact in their trajectory. It only takes me a few minutes and I am able to give back in a big way and help others improve no matter where they are located...

Robert Esmie

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